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Trendson TechnologyWELCOME TO Trends On Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Trends On Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd. was setup in Bhubaneswar (Odisha) to provide a unique service to the Indian Software Development and to provide an opportunity for companies from the west to outsource or jointly developed products. Companies from the US have successfully out-sourced legacy code but have struggled to out-source enterprise level developments. The two main reasons have been to protect the genuiness of the product and the availability of appropriately skilled engineers in India.

Whether we're helping transform a roadside service firm into a company that enables mobility, migrating the large and complex back end of a major financial institution into a more user-friendly and digital-commerce enabled environment, or showing the world how easy it is to work on the web.

"Capability determines what one can do. Motivation determines what one actually does.
Attitude determines how well "one" does it."

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Trendson TechnologyHISTORY OF Trends On Technology ...

Currently work is progress. We are coming soon.....

Trendson TechnologyOUR PEOPLE ...

At Trends On Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., Our people are primary source of competitive advantage and they help us to drive our growth in a planned and efficient manner. We work towards developing a culture that attracts people with multidimensional experiences and skills.

A thirst for knowledge, passion for innovation, flair for creativity, commitment towards excellence, ability to discern the future, strength to take risks and the drive to surpass oneself, is what it takes to be a member of the Trends On Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.... To ensure that people who join us have the right mix of attitude, values and skill sets compatible with Trends On Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.'s culture, we follow a rigorous hiring procedure. Our parameters for selection extend to both hiring from campus, as well as lateral hiring.

Trends On Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.'s employees are responsible for its growth by leaps and bounds year after year. Thus, talent management is an important and critical activity for us. We provide an intellectually stimulating and meaningful work environment, ample opportunities to learn and grow and a sense of belongingness, which challenges, motivates and inspires each member to achieve beyond potential.

Trendson TechnologyOUR PROCESS ...

At Trends On Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., we use effective process in web development, which is fruit full for client’s business. We place a primacy on listening to clients’ requirements and developing solutions to appropriately meet clients’ business needs. The result is a quality based solution which perfectly meets the clients’ business goals.

There is some process for Website development, which consists of five steps:


At this stage, we study the requirements of our prospective clients to get information to build the index page and form a preliminary idea of the project to be developed. We learn the business model of the client and complete an analysis to study initial requirements. At this stage, we present the client with a template of how the project is intended to proceed. This consists of providing all the buttons with page design blueprint, website theme, technology to be implemented and so on. No charges or deposit are required & no agreement is signed at this moment.

We will be integrating all these information to get the index page done, after which, we will show it to you within 1 week's time.


Once the design of the template / index page meets your requirement, there is need to sign an agreement at the same time. A despite fee will be charged prior to proceeding to design the next pages. If the clients are not satisfied with the template, no fees will be charged & again the client will say for design the index page as per client’s requirement.


After final selection of template from client’s side & the project design is approved by clients’. We proceed in developing the pages. Our team reviews the project designs, we will start with the development of the project as per as the template design, which is the final requirement of client. Our team professional starts their work.


After the project development phase has completed. We have an established process in which our work is checked for reliability and correctness. The project is finally made live and delivered to the client. After clients’ approval we upload it on your chosen URL.


If client will need any modification, he or she has to inform to us with in 7 days of after uploading. Client can mail us or inform us for modification or changes with in this time period.

After all modification is done, client needs to sign the project acceptance & satisfactory letter.

Testing and Deployment

Our technology team will test each component and module of the project and ensure that it works properly. We will detect any errors in the application and correct it accordingly. This is followed by deployment which includes elements like hosting and making the project available to the end user.

Project Delivery

The project is finally made live and delivered to the client. We also take care of post live issues like site updating and providing change management solutions should technologies change in the future and you would like newer technologies to be implemented in your existing projects.

Trendson TechnologyABOUT Trends On Technology ...

Trends On Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd. provides complete IT enabled solutions and Internet Solutions. Our areas of expertise also include Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, content management, content management solutions, web promotion and complete solution on Internet Marketing. Customized Software Development, Web Marketing or Internet Marketing, Database Development, corporate training, IT consultancy services, outsourcing and Website Designing are all part of our repertoire of professional competencies.

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